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Best Way For Auto-Alching Without Getting Banned?


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11 minutes ago, RDM said:

Don't do it


1 minute ago, Alek said:

Gary's uses a windows function which is easily detectable and bannable because its not coming from hardware. People get banned all the time for it.

Is there an alternative for this? What's the best/easiest way to bot/afk magic?

is there an auto-alcher bot that is safer?

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4 minutes ago, Alek said:


A signed driver and using your own functions, tldr it will always be detectable using anything including AHK + MouseKeys from OSBuddy

Hey if I use alch bot 15min and break about 30min will caught? 

I mean if I botted very little time 15min at least and break decent time is way to not be caught?


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