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Dispute against GOLD SERVICE


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Explanation: I paid GOLD SERVICE 10m to do a ranging service for me. He completed 3/4 of the service and then for some reason proceeded to empty the contents of my bank providing no explanation whatsoever. He is now ignoring my skype messages.

Notable items that were taken; archers ring, fury, robin hood hat, cannon set + 2k cballs and approximately 1m cash. The only real proof I have confirming that a few of those items listed were 100% on the account at the time of service is a screenshot sent from GOLD SERVICE to me as a progress report which I will attach lastly.

I have since trained the ranging levels myself and can provide screenshots if necessary.

Let me know if you need anything else from me. However, I do think I've been concise enough.


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4 hours ago, tumblez said:

Proof that I completed the remainder of the service myself:











I am confused. The messages are about a fire cape service, yet the dispute is about ranged training, and the feedback is about rogues outfit? Can you show me the agreement you both came to with regards to the ranged leveling services, screenshots of you providing account detail to gold services specifically for this service?
I need to know that, and what exactly, he was servicing (on) your account at the time your items went missing. this is all just a jumble of random conversations, screenshots, an empty bank and three seemingly unrelated situations. 

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You asked for me to confirm that I was indeed talking to his correct skype. The only conversation I have of this is when GOLD SERVICE (formerly Nogdonalds) completed a fire cape service for me prior to even starting the ranging service. Once he had completed the fcape service and left feedback for me on my osbot profile I thought that I would no longer needed verification from him for future services. As for the seemingly unrelated situations I will provide you with every single piece of conversation with said user.

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