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Mobile Botting


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1 hour ago, Malcolm_OS said:

I feel like a phone wouldn't have enough power to bot efficiently (ie. run multiple accounts at once)

For the botter who runs one account it would be alright I guess but for gold farmers this wouldn't be practical.

Wouldn't need to do this on a phone per-say.
Get an android emulator and download/run the osrs app on there..?

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Not sure why all the sarcasm, its a little rude and sorry I'm an amateur at computer science. Obviously people have thought about it, I brought it up to discuss it. There are other people posting auto clickers and recordings in here. And I'm using an iPhone emulator on my computer while running a image recognition macro recorder and its working for me.

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2 minutes ago, Malcolm_OS said:

I just don’t see it being very practical. 

Unless for what ever reason it was 100% undetectable (I highly doubt) I’d doubt anyone would ever develop one. 

Botting as it stands is still very profitable if you use the right methods.

You are correct, especially about the gold-farming. I'm just doing it for a personal account. The whole reason I bring this up is that if there is less detect-ability.

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11 minutes ago, Malcolm_OS said:

If somebody developed it and it wasn’t detectable, eventually Jagex would catch on and addapt and then it would eventually be at the same place we are at now. 

Sure, if, it’s a big IF, it wasn’t detectable you could get some decent profits out of it. 

The time it would take to develop the mobile client, API, scripters, everything else, would that time justify the amount of profits you would see from it?

Obviously Jagex would find out about mobile botting as there would likely be a website with forums about it. They aren’t completely stupid.

Time is money, developing a mobile bot is time. The real question is this:

Is money gained > time developing the mobile bot?

Probably not.

Nobody is going to gamble on developing a mobile bot on a question of “if” it’s detectable.


Yeah I agree with all of that. But I'm not even considering developing any new software or programs.  I'm using a image recognition program right now and its working over an emulator.

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