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50fm on hardcore ironman from start

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51 minutes ago, Dbuffed said:

If you're reacting to be sarcastic, you should at least include if your pricing is being botted.

Personally I would say it is, otherwise sign me up to 100 accounts.

its not botted all hand done but i wanted to get someone to take my offer to start off with some vouches so other people trust me more in the future.

Edit: I also do not appreciate you calling people out for botting when you have no proof to back it up in anyway

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Just now, Galileo said:

yoyoyoyo chill dude the op is asking for 1-50 firemaking with steel axe. takes about 3h (you end up with 45-46 wcing). chillllllllll

yeah  this dude is salty asf man for me its like 1mil/hour for chopping willows i had no idea about other peoples prices else ofc i wouldve pulled it up a bit. But for me it was my 1st service so people wouldnt trust it prob. Anyway i did it legit and the buyer is happy thats all that counts. Finished it right now and got paid everyone happy expect for dbuffed

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