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sold 90m to 309jmk, stops replying and no payment

John Liu

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11 hours ago, John Liu said:

I made exchange with 309jmk for 90m for .68 and after I send him the gold he stops replying. its been over 1hr and 30minutes and still nothing. 


photos of transaction and proof. 

I have notified @309jmk of the dispute and we will wait for his response. In the meantime, can you provide full chatlogs INCLUDING the skype id

On @309jmk's thread he list his main skype id as:

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10 hours ago, John Liu said:


like this? 

Please provide the requested format showing the contact profile window + chat history like in my previous comment in the next 24 hours or I will have to close the dispute for lack of evidence.

I do want to see if what you claim is valid or not. It does seem a bit weird @309jmk has not responded to this topic.

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