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Looking for MAIN(quested)


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Just got back to Runescape recently and I don't want to start over so I'm looking for a starter main that is quested and is good overall. I understand that accounts are recoverable that is why I'm only looking for very trusted sellers. But still feel free to give me offers. I am looking for at least 100quest points w/ an overall of at least 1000+ skill total. if you have any advice on buying accounts or if you know any good shops please let me know. my max budget is $150. Thank you all!

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17 minutes ago, ImaFkingNub said:

https://gyazo.com/e8cb44f12d3e52cdce156f73527287a7  stats

https://gyazo.com/121a0fd058857cee93d085d61e78cc5c  quests

https://gyazo.com/5ac726c58eb315c6f4f6a558b7d128cd  untradables (slay helm and berserker ring are imbued)


no bans/mutes/anything on the account

add my discord dakbuchtier#5219

ur not alloud to sell account untill 100 post count total

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