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I am currently having a problem with my client being so small that I can barely do anything on it. I have scoured the internet looking for help options and have done the following: adjusted screen resolution, adjusted display zoom percentage, re-installed Java. At first it was not the end of the world because I am not blind I just had to focus in a little harder but now it is at the point that I cannot start any of my scripts because the boxes are not adjustable and more times than not the start feature is cut off. This is happening currently on 2 paid scripts over $30 that I have purchased. I do not want to request a refund from these developers because I like the scripts. Any help from developers or staff would be greatly appreciated! I know that I'm not the only one with this problem either.


*I have a 4k Display Computer

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Thank's man I actually already went to the help link and tried all of the options. Do you know which line of code I would need to change for the client size?

Actually I didn't use that thread but I cannot find the compatibility tab for the OSBot application

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