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someone log in on my account

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It has nothing to do with this bot it doesn't collect your private information.. You had to use some other suspicious software at some point, purchased some sort of farming or other services on your account or you purchased the account online from someone.


OR you tried logging into your account from another computer and your bot was still running then it happens to walk to bank to restock but maybe didn't have a food in the bank so it logs out and you are then able to log in and you are at the bank.

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16 hours ago, nezbomb said:

make sure you didnt use any non-sdn scripts, they havent been checked and screened so what you are thinking happened could actually be possible.

edit: I know its possible because this sort of thing has been done in the past

Where are those non SDN  scirpts to be found? I remember using them few years ago and they  could contain some decrypted stealers indeed.

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