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So i'm back from my break. Im only botting on accounts I dont really care about now and not as a casual anymore. This time for money. Im training accounts to sell. Im using many bots only with a orical or mirror mode type thing. Im doing trial and error until I get it right. But the question is. Since I cant use proxies the easy way and I really want to keep a eye on the bots at all time( trying to keep the play times the same as my normal play time break when I break IRL so on). and im running it on my main rig one account at a time( for now). Will my main ever get banned if I play while my bot is going if I never bot on my main, He already hes a macroing minor from years back when I ran steath on him and it bugged and got me banned. Thanks for any help.


Also : I know about proxifyer Im going to use it after bans but Im almost sure my runelite with still be stuck up the proxy of the OG client.

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