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Hello there,

I am searching for a team or someone who can handle multiple accounts at once (5 ~ 10 & 10+), I would like to start off with one account at first to see how you hold up with time management and reliability.
There will be many requests coming from me in the near future, I don't expect to pay a disastrous amount of money for each account (payments will be with 07 gold until I feel safe to pay you with PayPal or any other payment option you prefer.) If you are interested feel free to leave your Discord in your PM/reply

What do I need?
Accounts will be created by me and only me, the accounts will be funded with money for you and the service you'll provide. (gear/items etc.)

Account Stats
70 Attack
60 Strength
60 Defence
43 Prayer
+ required stats for quests

Account Quests
Cook's Assistant
Vampire Slayer
Fight Arena
Fishing Contest
Lost City
Mountain Daughter
Recipe for Disaster (Mountain Dwarf sub-quest)
The Gnome Village
Waterfall Quest

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17 minutes ago, rschoutens said:

If that is the total price per account (incl. gear/items/bond).

With bond + gear etc, it would be roughly 50M, this would include actual bond price + setup and so on.

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1 hour ago, rschoutens said:

I'd say 45M would be a reasonable price since that's what I have been paying all others with the current prices. Let me know what you think.

Depends how many accounts, if it's worth our time it may be agreed upon.

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7 minutes ago, rschoutens said:

One account at first, which will be at least 5 to 10 or more accounts at the next batch.


If it's just a singular account not worth lowering the price.

If it was 20+ I would understand, but thanks anyway.

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