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Hsurabs Gold

Chuckle Scammed $100 + 100m 07 + Maxed Main account.

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Scammers username: chuckle
Scammers Profile Link: 
Scammers e-mail OR skype: live:chuckle00
Explanation: I bought a maxed main with Chuckle, which was locked so I asked him to recover the account, he had some troubles with the recovery of that account so as compensation he paid me $100 USD worth in BTC and 100m 07, once he recovered the account I was going to pay him back his 100m 07 and $100
btc and he will back my account. After he recovered the account he claims to be scammed without reason, so he took the 267m 07 that was on my account and he took the account back (I paid 295m 07 for the account).



So I'm asking him to give back the 267m 07 wich will compensate the  $100 btc  - 100m 07 "I owe him" and he can keep the account (the account and my cash are currently on his own hold)

Account locked:
Hesaying he locket the account with 267m:  https://gyazo.com/2faec372145d5021702d5a8b7d95d655
Original post link: https://www.sythe.org/threads/scam-report-hsurabs-gold/

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13 minutes ago, Chris said:

@Chuckle says you scammed him @Hsurabs Gold

You were provided 100$ BTC and 100M 07 gold before he sent you the account recovery link


Can you provide full chatbox logs and showing his skype ID in the same picture?

Me Explaining him why he owes me: https://gyazo.com/fbd4ec2cb4837ffd0216faf0b6e9825d

As I told you he confirmed 267m on the account so  I don't get why he keeps negating it. 

"you said there was 267m on the account, once you got it back this quickly dropped to 167m on the account."

Really? who is the one who is lying and changing amounts? 

He confirming 267m in the account: https://gyazo.com/2faec372145d5021702d5a8b7d95d655
He said it was 29m on the account: https://gyazo.com/e2770d7adb489afe1de14ee1d2796aaa 

Okey, you don't want the account of a scammer I don't want an account that will you recover anytime you don't feel good with something.

So okey I paid 295m for the account (you're holding the account email), and you took my 267m so you owe me 562m

I owe you $100 BTC and 100m 07 

you can get 135m ish rigth now with $100 of BTC and can take 100m from what you owe me,  so you need to pay me 332m

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ahh lying about what was on the account.

Yesterday he says the locked account has 267m on it (trying to scam 100m as the actual value was 167m)

confirming 167m after I gave him the recovery link (he was the first set his own password to log in after successful appeal)

last night


I told him id rather $ and we will settle up tomorrow


I wake up to see 3 open disputes on sythe and open my own as I am owed 100$ + 100m


Sythe reply a bit later telling me to change the pw and log in this morning 



I do not want the account, I gave him recovery info yesterday while helping unlock it. he can keep it as I have said and I sent him pw change this morning


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1 hour ago, Chris said:

@Hsurabs Gold


You are currently banned on sythe for this same dispute?


@Chuckle tldr; me plz



tl:dr tried to scam me 100m with a locked account, failed,scam quit

trying to get refunded for 295m for a account after scam quitting. I assume


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