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need quests on pure

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i got a long list of quests i need completed. im looking to have the services done asap.  please lmk prices and time frames and when u could start. quests i need done

i should have all the reqs for these quests. whatever quests i dotn have all the reqs for just leave and u can refund after if i missed any.

skype: dynastyrecordings773@gmail.com




goblin dip
rfd-gob/dwarf/dave/pirate pete/skratch
fishing contest
gertrude cat
shadow of the storm
demon slayer
the golem
big chompy
death plat
horror from deep
fight areana
mount daught
haunted mine
start nature spirit DONT FINISH
plague city
undergrond pass
presit in peril
tempel of ikov
troll stronghol
pirates trea
jungle pot
restless ghost
creture of fenk
animal mag

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