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Botting tips? keep getting banned

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Anyone got some tips for me?

its seems like every account u use to bot on my virmach vps ( even after clearing all caches etc)  keep getting banned after botting like 4-5hrs with breaks.

i had 4 f2p's banned within a day and 2 p2p's.


Last i used Khal's tab maker so its a payed script and botted on an account that had 400+ total and all legit trainned. yet i get perm banned ffs.

i mean it's like in a crowded place where not many people seem to report and still i get banend this quickly always??

i just can't seem to find any good methode that can make me my money from vps back without getting banend before i make some nice money.

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Do you use proxies? (Does not decrease bans, but you won't get chain banned if using more than 1 proxy.) -  Clearing your cache does not affect your bans. Also, if you haven't used proxies you might (If you believe in it) have gotten IP flagged from previous bans.

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On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 6:48 PM, GregRendell said:

so according to you all its just due the vps that all my accounts get banend that quickly?


any cheaper but still good solution that run good and not as laggy as virmach? with way less bans??


Im getting banned as well, I think its due to the scripts and client maybe the days of botting are over! 

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