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won_gold_gold (bluesky) scammed me for over 10k!

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So I had been selling bulk gp to them for awhile with our biggest transaction being 7k and they paid out. We then later did a transaction worth 12.2k and they refuse to pay me for the gp or even respond to me on skype anymore.


Proof I'm speaking to the real won_gold_gold





Won_gold_gold admits they don't know where my money is



They even went as far to say the bank scammed me and it wasn't them



They sent me this picture as you can see they tried to send me the 12.2k once and it failed for reasons they won't respond to me about so they tried to send it again and that one also failed and then they gave up trying to pay me. They had me send pictures of multiple months of my bank statements to prove it was never sent to me and they didn't have much to say once I sent them. The part erased is my real life name along with someone else's personal info.




They are also trying to tell me the bank they used "shut down" so nothing is retrievable about this but they also didn't realize they didn't fully crop out in the picture the parts where it shows they used Chase bank. Chase bank is not shut down and I even called today and gave them won's bank account number and they told me the account is in their system but they're not authorized to give me any information about it since it isn't my account.




It only took me about 10 minutes to get on the phone today with someone who can open up their account but of course the scammers refuse to call the bank when I told them that's what they need to do. I've also explained to them multiple times how to trace an ACH payment and even the person I spoke to from Chase bank said all they need to do is call. 



This is them asking for and receiving my bank statements proving the money was never put into my account for about the 3rd time.







I had also spoke to someone on the phone I was asked to accept half the payment and to take the loss on the rest. I told them I want all of my money and now they won't even offer paying me half. Also if anyone is even interested I have about 30+ screen shots of won_gold_gold ignoring me and telling me "wait we will fix this just wait" over the course of many months.

won_gold_gold is a scammer and won't respond unless I make new skype accounts or threaten to publicly post our chat. 



Before won_gold_gold used that skype name they operated under multiple other names such as bluesky
Here is a video of my conversation with this company BEFORE the bluesky hack. They had problems sending me the money they owed and weren't putting much effort into helping me and then after their skype was hacked I lost contact until I eventually found them again on a skype something like won card and then they switched to won_gold_gold. It is confirmed that bluesky is the same company as won_gold_gold because as you can see in my previous post they know what I'm talking about when we discuss a missing 12k and they also had all of my bank info still. They initially did have intentions of paying as you can see in the bank transfers they tried to send me the money twice and it was sent back to them by their bank both times. Maybe after the hack they decide to put some of the loss on me and scam me?



There is no statute of limitations on scamming, please ban this user until he pays me what is owed.

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Looks like the user was banned in 2014 from this site for scamming.

Since they aren't a member here currently we can't really do anything, like a user suggested you can maybe find them on Sythe, but this isn't really something we can do anything about. You may want to consider actual legal action, not much we can do from here on a RuneScape forum.

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