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4 minutes ago, Acerd said:


hand done

either pm me on discord with your price + time frame or post on this thread

if acc gets banned ill make you my slave

One of my workers might be able to do it.

(Sind) https://discordapp.com/invite/dQXNMUY

Forgot to add him back to my thread, will do that when I remember - As for price 35gp/xp if mlm or we can powermine it.

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1 minute ago, Acerd said:

how much gp/xp for powermine and when can he start

Waiting from him to come back from AFK atm, unless he fell asleep which he should be back on soon.

powermining is currently 55gp/xp otherwise. Both could be sorted to be done in a 24 hour span of ordering (so you have it done in the same day)

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