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Making antirandoms for fun

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Has anyone tried or played around with making anti randoms, just for fun? (Of course they aren't needed you can just Dismiss them or ignore them, but for curiosity's sake and a challenge, has anyone tried?)

I'm playing about with coding the School classroom one, where you have to speak to the dragon teacher (Mr. Mordaut) and solve his patterns, what comes next game, then exit via the correct door (red cross, green square, blue star door), etc. This is especially challenging because you would probably need to add Category-Tags to each item in the game so that you can sort them. Like add the Tag "Shield" to all shields, add the tag "Wood" to wooden shield (so now a wooden shield has 2 category tags). I hope its not going to be this complex, I really hope there are just a preset list of patterns to choose from.

The maze one seems pretty cool fun to have a go at too, I think this will be easier than the class room one.

Anyone had a stab at these or even just a little play around with coding one, even the lesser ones?

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