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[SOLVED] Area() isn't working; Don't understand why getState() isn't working

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So the first time I ran my script, in the if statement that returns State.MINE didn't have "miningArea.contains(myPosition())" included in it. The script ran fine and returned State.MINE when the criteria was met, but once I added "miningArea.contains(myPosition())" if went to the default return case State.WAIT every time. This seems to be the case anytime I use AREA.contains(myPosition()) in an if/else statement. I also double checked to make sure my player was in the area "mineArea". I'm new to scripting so I might be missing something completely obvious so please point anything out. 


private State getState() {

		Area miningArea = new Area(3221, 3150, 3226, 3143);
		Area bankArea = new Area(3205, 3223, 3212, 3214);

		 * if (I'm at the mine) 
         *	  	if (My inventories empty and I'm not animating) 
		 * 		  Mine Rocks
		if (!getInventory().isFull() && !myPlayer().isAnimating()
				&& miningArea.contains(myPosition())) {
			log("mining. . .");
			return State.MINE;

			 * if (I'm at the mine and my inventory is full) 
             *		Run to the bank
		} else if (getInventory().isFull() && !bankArea.contains(myPosition())) {
			log("running to bank. . .");
			return State.RUN_BANK;

			 * if (I'm at the bank and my inventory is empty) Run to the mine
		} else if (bankArea.contains(myPosition()) && getInventory().isEmpty()) {
			log("running to mine. . .");
			return State.RUN_MINE;

			 * if (I'm at the bank and my inventory is full) 
             *		Bank Items
		} else if (bankArea.contains(myPosition()) && getInventory().isFull()) {
			log("banking. . .");
			return State.BANK;

			 * none of the other conditions are satisfied
             *		Wait
		} else {
			log("waiting. . .");
			return State.WAIT;



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