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The Devil

Switching from monitor to 4k tv back to monitor.

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Hello all, anyone have an answer as to why my dpi scaling gets super fucked when i connect my computer to my 4k tv and back to my computer monitor?

pc monitor is 1080. 


For an example whenever this happens in the lower left corner where it says "no server" and in the lower right where it says "Disconnected" the text would be MASSIVE.

Edit** My dpi scaling is not fucked now and id rather not reproduce the issue because its a fucking headache to fix.


Same within the server description box everything would just be huge and i couldnt read a thing

(text is supposed to be fucked like that)


Please help me play trackmania on my 4k tv without having to go to regedit to fuck with dpi scaling :/

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Is the TV and monitor the same size?

This is pretty self-explanatory though.

3840 x 2160 pixels = 4K

1920 x 1080 pixels = HD

It's literally double the amount of pixels in each direction, meaning that everything is half the size it normally is to allow it to fit on your TV.

So simply double your DPI, 400@HD = 800@4K etc.

Most 4K TVs are 30hz anyway, I would honestly just stick to your monitor.

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