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PC build vs Dedi

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Hey guys,

I been wanting to expand my farm for quite some time now. I'm now at 2 bots, just to get the feeling of 'running' a farm. I'm planning to slowly expand my farm from 2 to like 5 and eventually to 10 and my goal for now is 15 bots. My laptop now can barely handle two bots let alone 15, so I either need to build my own pc or rent a dedicated server.

The build I want to start with would look something like this: https://be.pcpartpicker.com/list/BcFXyX (I'll just use a GPU from an old pc). I can upgrade the RAM, CPU, etc. along the way.

Or I can just rent a dedicated server for a mothly fee.


What option would you guys take in this situation? 

PS I'm aware of the general pros and cons of the options and I'm also aware I need VIP to run 2+ bots, I just want your guys' opinion

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3 hours ago, colz said:

nice build

Thank you! Can't take all credit for it, a friend of mine helped me out ! :)

2 hours ago, d23p said:

Agreed! If you want to run a couple more you should upgrade RAM cuz the CPU should be fine

I'm running a script that is pretty CPU intensive. I'd have to check how much CPU each bot is using, but I doubt it will run 15. Thanks for the advice anyway, it is much appreciated!

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