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Is buying gp -> bonds for multiple accounts safe?

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I have multiple accounts, and don’t want to pay $11/month for each one obviously. I could earn enough to support a handful of bonds/month, but I’m not keen on grinding like 20 mil every couple weeks just to pay for membership. 


I think my IP is flagged, because I’ve been dealing with multiple bans lately, despite employing caution. So for the accounts I’m not botting on, is it feasible to consistently buy gp, and redeem bonds, never actually paying jagex a cent on multiple accounts? Or is this a surefire way to get a RWT ban?


thanks for reading!

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32 minutes ago, Luke Reading said:

Yep buying gold is preety safe...but you realise by buying bonds your still paying jagex right?

I know buying gold is pretty safe, but I mean buying large amounts every month to buy bonds on multiple accounts, and never directly paying for mem, if I were jagex I would flag accounts that consistently never pay for membership, at least to look into, since a portion of those probably buy gold. Especially if it’s myltiple accounts on one IP. 


Also, no I don’t understand how I am still paying jagex. I understand they are sill getting revenue, because someone else has to buy the bonds with real money. But like, the whole point is to pay less than 11/month. You’re cutting that in half using this method, easily. 


I just want to hear if anyone has been rwt banned for this, basically. 

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