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Main botting query

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Hi everyone,

I have read your forums and just a query if anyone knows from experience. I am looking to main bot an account into a zerker, obviously getting 99 skills along the way. I often work from home so I can actually watch the bot as it runs and monitor it for 8+ hours a day if needed. My main question is that there are often notes saying that skills such as agility, woodcutting and mining (among many) that have a very high ban rate. Even if I can monitor these and even talk to people whilst botting. Should i still avoid 5+ hour runs of these skills/scripts at a time (breaks included).

I would love to bot 99 agility on the account, along with probably hunter.

I'm aware there is always a risk, and there are fantastic scrips. But I want to know if me having a strong monitor of my bot (just one) running can lower my chances of a ban? Do they ban bots based off movement or general activity with other players?


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As i have heard agility has a very high ban rate Even with private scripts, but if u say ur home and can watch the bot try finding multiple scripts (combat, Quests, agility and other skills u like, like hunter that makes u good gp and start botting each skill as its ban rate. eg, agility 20 minutes then 6 min break then combat 4 hours = 3hours break, hunter 1hour and the rest of the day off. 

This is how i train my accounts around 4 hours at morning or noon and 4 hours at night which is 8 hours in total :)

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Yes, monitoring your bots should help in some situations. You should be able to bot in PVP worlds for Agility too if you're not AFK which could help.

I would test out a program of hours on/off, 5 sounds reasonable with 10-15 min breaks each hour perhaps. I wouldn't push it with skills like Agility so aim to max out over a longer period as it's not worth it to suicide on an account you're looking to max, you're botting after all so what's the rush?

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