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Alright, I'm in need of money so I'll be doing whatever I can to build up some quick money for my needs. I've progressed alot during this season, at the end of s2 I was only 1100 elo which would equal to the upper silver league or low bronze I guess. I am in plat 5 right now myself and getting you up to the higher part of gold won't be an issue. Not really sure how much I can charge for these services so we'll just talk them through later I suppose. It'll be fairly cheap.


I'd expect the services to take off pretty slow as I haven't really done any business on this forum and have next to no vouches, but I hope it'll be okay. I might do a few leagues for some individuals for free, to possibly get my name out there and gain some vouches. 

So yeah, just post here or PM me if you're interested.



A friends account I'm playing on currently. 




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