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Dispute against Jonahftw


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Disputed member: @Jonahftw

Thread Link: 


Explanation:  I"ve sold 55M to @Jonagftw on 12april for  36.36,- now he opend a dispute and tries to get back the money!.

Evidence:  Here you see he left a positive feedback  for the trade --> image.png.b65b7d648745697f49825ad4ea11ec2e.png

And here you see he tries to chargeback --> Hidden

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EXTREMELY Sorry about this!

I mistakenly charged back the wrong transaction.

I have canceled the dispute and you should see the money remain in your account.

Please feel free to contact me via OSBot or Discord with any questions/concerns.

I greatly apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for reacting before the charge back went through. If for whatever reason it still does, I am more than happy to refund you whatever has been lost.

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