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[RS3] Looking for a maxed or near-maxed account


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More or less going to leave this thread up in the hopes I can possibly find a legitimate seller or someone who can direct me to anyone trusted who's selling an account. I'm not looking for specific skills, more or less a RS3 account that's maxed or near maxed.

The account must also come with all relevant information such as previous emails, recoveries and anything else necessary; having 07 statistics is a plus also.

I'm prepared to do crypto/07/RS3 GP for extremely trusted members only and by this I mean, members who have donated a significant amount of money to the website or have reputable services and a reputation they wouldn't be wiling to lose over scamming someone over an account sale. If you do not fall into this criteria then I am only prepared to offer Paypal for my own safety - if you're truly serious and have an account to sell, you can always recover it as the original owner so at the end of the day, Paypal shouldn't be an issue at all for a legitimate seller.

I've been out of the RS scene for a while but I've dealt with hundreds of $ in RSGP when it was stable around $2/$3 per million - feedback speaks for itself hopefully. Looking for clean, fast, legitimate business only, if you're looking to scam then just leave this thread now, it's not going to work.

Cheers for reading, PM/post below if you have an account that fits into my request category below.

Edit: Willing to use a MM also, I have no issues with that.

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