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Need help with initiating trades


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Hello, i'm not a very good coder(if i can even say that) but I found a nice little script on github that trades to mules.

I'm trying to make a script for the mule to accept the trade. Currently the mule will just hover over who ever trades them and not attempt to trade them back, everything else works fine (if i initiate the trade manually, it will accept both screens). If anyone can please point me in the right direction i really would appreciate it. This is my current code for starting the trade. 


if (!getTrade().isCurrentlyTrading()) {
    if (getTrade().getLastRequestingPlayer() != null) {
        log("Someones traded us, lets trade back.");
        new ConditionalSleep(15000) {
            public boolean condition() throws InterruptedException {
                return getTrade().isCurrentlyTrading();
        log("Failed to trade.");


EDIT: Sorry i'm retarded, "Trade with" not just "Trade" that's what i get for copy pasting code without looking everything over

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