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How Long Til I Get Banned

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I made a private plank script, before the current one was posted. 

Got 1 account banned while I was writing/testing 
Now in it's final stages, I've not been banned. Figured i'd start a thread. :p
Just going to dump thread with screenshots and progress . 



slacked quite some time on botting with age of account as you can see. But have been botting a bit more. Botting only when i'm really active on PC, but still long periods. 


from 40+ has been all teles from planks 
Started with a bond (3M 07) and 2M cash




Currently 8M profit


Average hour of planking



Seeing how far this private script I wrote will get me :p


4/11 Update:

12M total cash profit





4/16 Update:
70+ Mage and 3 Days + Playtime 

Profit: Lost, due to testing new method and had my cash stack. Was 25M though xD fml 
Back to just about square one one profit. 

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1 hour ago, Burundanga said:

you do any breaks in between or nah, if yes how frequently?

Pretty much just bot when I am playing Fortnite xD
I do at least 3-4 runs of 15k planks maybe through out the day. Few hours spread apart. 


1 hour ago, dazeldo said:

Suicide botting? If not, how many hours per day and what break settings?

No suicide. Just do a full 15K at a time 3-4 times a day.  


1 hour ago, IDontEB said:


Challenge accepted ;) 

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