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Selling 72CB - 99 magic/herb/fletch/cook - 91 crafting.

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Method of payment: OSRS GP ONLY.

Starting price: 50m gp.

Auto-win: 100m gp.

Trading conditions: Middleman, unless you're trusted (I decide.)

Picture of account status: since I have no e-mail registered to the account, I cannot show the account status. No strikes. 

I am the original owner from day one. Trained it all. 




1. account stats.JPG

2. login details.JPG

3. wealth - none.JPG

4. quests.JPG

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53 minutes ago, Muffins said:

Since you have to register an email to show blackmarks now, there is no picture since the seller wants to keep it unregistered. If there is a serious buyer, a mod can help you out.

Thanks, Muffins. If anyone wants me to register an e-mail to see the blackmarks, I can do that too. But I'm not really sure how this works. 

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