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Dispute against RSturtle

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Disputed member: [member=] RSturtle

Thread Link:


Explanation: Bought account for 150m, was reported as stolen and recovered completely. He claims that he owns every account on his forums when it isn't like that at all. I was nice and even gave him 3 days to give me a response. Instead he closes the conversation on this site and blocked me on discord. I don't even care about the 150m I just don't want other people getting scammed by this dude.

Evidence: EAPsgxw.png





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9 hours ago, Dex said:

I requested @RSturtle to reply here. He will have to recover the account for you since he stated he was the original owner of all of them.

Can with fact confirm he isn't owner of any of the accounts he is selling since he is cracking the accounts also he is ban evading (https://osbot.org/forum/profile/281241-tl57/) -


I did tell him not to sell cracked accounts on forums, but yeah as you see he ignored me.


and he posted this back in jan:


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