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Looking for critiques from experienced scripters

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I released a script a while back but as I'm not too familiar with Java and very new to bot scripting I'm looking for someone experienced to nitpick the fuck out of my code. It's functionally correct and works flawlessly (haven't run into a single bug in over 40+ hrs as of around 2 weeks ago but haven't ran it since I've been quite busy) but I'd like to get some general input on best practices. The thread describing the script is here.


As I'm semi attached to this script and plan on doing more work with it in the future I don't want to give out the source to just anyone so if you have one of them fancy scripter ranks and want to do a guy a favor come take a look at my code. I think the best way is to comment here or pm me and I'll send it on over. Pls no steal thx.

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