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Anuras Server Shop (free setup and full 24/7 support)

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Dedicated Servers

Many different sizes and locations available



Pricing: Custom quotes per option monthly and hourly based fees

Monthly: ask for price to many to list best to pm how many bots your looking to run can pick best setup for you

you may add hours if needed*

Hourly is for people who only need for say the weekend to suicide and makes it much cheaper

than owning it for the whole month.

Locations: US , Amsterdam , London , Toronto and Frankfurt

Virtual Private Servers

EU located only



2core: $15

4 core: $25

6 core: $35

10 core: $60


Payment method: 07 GP , PayPal (PayPal invoice system will be used and must be verified)


Purchasing this service you will receive Osbot ready dedicated server / vnc ready


Difference between Optimized and Standard is CPU strength

I have personally and others have given this service to have tested most of these servers

and can give personal feedback on how many bots it can run per server.


Policy / Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must only use the VPS or Dedi for OSRS Botting anything else will result in termination of the server
  2. You'll receive a ready-made VPS or Dedi with Debian 8, ready for immediate botting using OSBot.
  3. NO REFUNDS once the order is complete


I have done this service personally since I've joined this community and have realized i could turn this into a small source of income

while providing a helpful service to the community to those who are not tech savvy with Dedicated servers and setting them up.

Support: i will be available anytime of the week

Contact info


 Discord: Cetnam#3607

Best to always pm me here even if u add any of the above





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