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Ban evader suspected

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@KarrN is the past account 

@G0LD is the new account 

I suspect this as I find it fishy that karrn was posing high proggies in juggles aio fighter about "still running in magic xp" 2 days later g0ld is now posting the same type of posts with a join date just dates later of being suspended. 


My second thing is that @Karrn is suspended due to harassing me and made a false claim of me and another guy scamming him, which you can see in a dispute a week ago. Now I Pm asking @G0LD  what he trains the aio fighter on and he replies - "no ur scammer" with nothing else, which is exactly how @Karrn talked. All I ask is please check ip because both accounts talk the exact same and use the exact script with only a 2 day time lapse of each other 


EDIT: Biggest reasoning yet

You can see here

Gold posted on here on Friday at 5:20pm stated he is training mage with a 4 day long proggie and states it was messed up due to update... With a join date of that same day, Friday at 5:45 am... So how does one get a 4 day proggie from joining on Friday 5:45am and posting the proggie that same Friday at 5:20pm. Kid has a 4 day proggie and hasn't even been a member of osbot for 4 days 

Now I'm no detective, but if what it looks like to me is karrn gets suspended on mondayish... Is still logged in via osbot client on his computer under Karrn. He has to reset Friday morning due to runescape update....hence he can't login to karrn on the client due to being suspended...so he makes the new account that morning to continue botting, in which on his same reply to the post above g0ld even states "here's a 4 day proggie...was messed up due to update"

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