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Dispute against JakBau

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Hello everyone,

I recently made a thread about me selling 275m. JakBau commented on it showing interest, I added him on discord and we talked. Everything went well, he said we can use @Fratem as the MM since he has dealt with him before. I agreed knowing that @Fratem is very highly reputed. So we post on his MM services thread, and then @Fratem messages me and we talk. After a few chats I smelled something fishy so I told @Fratem (from discord) to message me on OsBot. Right when I said that he said he won't be able to do this service since he is out of town, I said okay thats fine. After a few minutes is when I put everything together to realize that it was a fake imposer. I will post screenshots the users name is @JakBau


jakBau discord.PNG


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