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EasyAlch (Supports Alching Multiple Items Per Run and Setting up item alch spots)

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This is a basic High Level Alchemy Script that supports the following things.

- Automatically setting up item in best spot
- Alching Multiple items in one run
- Nice GUI thats show all items in your inventory worth alching with pictures and item names
- Profit per alch based off of current osbuddy price for item and nature rune
- Minimalist paint
- Accurate Alching times for human alching

- Cleanup view code
- Add back in support for low level alchemy
- Add back in customizable alching times
- Add in support for changing alch position randomly


Link to Download Jar: https://github.com/battleguard/easyalch/releases/download/1.0/EasyAlch.jar

Link to view source code: https://github.com/battleguard/easyalch

Startup Gui:


Runtime Paint



This script was written initially by me over 6 years ago so it was interesting to rewrite and see what all has not changed since then.
(Original Code from 6 years ago: https://gist.github.com/battleguard/3109764)

Let me know if you have anything you want me to add and if this is something I should try and pursue to get on the SDN. Its just a simple alcher but I could not find any on the SDN that had all the features from my old script so that is why I decided to bring it back.


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4 hours ago, Destrupt said:

Interesting, would be helpful if you have random stacks of items in your bank. Have you got any proggies? :D

I’ll buy a bunch of items today and see if I can get a longer progress picture. The main benefit of this script is it’s great if you want to alchemy for a profIt by just buying a bunch of armor items that have very low buy limits  but will make money when alchemy. 

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