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Huge 15 pray rune pure quest/skill order

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Black knights fortress

The corsair curse

Imp catcher

The knights sword

Misthanlin mystery

Pirates treasure

Prince Ali rescue

Romeo and Juliet

Sheep sheerer

Shield of arrav

Witch potion

Clock tower

Creature of fenkenstrain

Death to dorg


The dig site

Drudic ritual

Elemental work shop 1&2

Enlightened journey

The eyes of glouphrie

Fairy tale part 1&2

Garden of tranquility

The giant dwarf

The hand in the sand

Haunted mine

Hazeel cult

Hero's quest

Horror from the deep

Jungle potion

The lost drive

Lunar diplomacy

Merlins crystal

Monks friend

Observatory quest

One small favor

RFD(mm subquest/sir amik sub/boss fight)


Roving elves

Sea slug

Shades or Morton

Sheep herder

Shilo village

A soul's bane

Tears of guthix

Temple of ikov

Throne of misc

The tourist trap

Tower of life

Tribal totem

Troll romance

Troll stronghold

Underground pass

Watch tower


31-55 thieving

1-45 herb

48-56 agil

10-50 smithing

1-40 rc

28-50 fetch

24-55 fishing

9-48 farming

Thanks pm me prices or post below. 

60 att 88 str 41 def 82 range 94 mage 

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On 3/7/2018 at 9:27 PM, rickgill49 said:

I can do this for you. Will give huge discount for bulk order like this :)

he scammed like a nub lol

On 3/8/2018 at 8:54 AM, Furious 7 said:

I can do all the quests :) - Feel free to contact me, information is in my signature. 

add me its not working, twogrambud#3430

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