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need help with google spreadsheet

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For my powerlevelservice i'm trying to  make a calculator.

this code  calculates everything between level 1-70 @14gp/xp and from 70-99 @7gp/xp. But when i cross the 70 for example if i want to calculate: 40-85 it multiplies with 14. 

Is there anyway to get this work properly?





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Format: int-int  -> from-to.

Case 1: If from-to is in the region of 1-70 do the first calculation, and 70-99 the second as it is. if/else if


Case 2: Divide the calculation into 2 separate conditions.

1-) Check if from<=70 then 70-from individually

2-) if to>=70 then 99-to individually. after that add them up together and don't forget the remainder.


I hope this helped you. Good luck!

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3 minutes ago, Master00j said:

Yeah thanks for the reply :) i hope someone can help me to get it fixed in one calculation

Oh wait! Case 2 could do it in one calculation because it separates and calculates everything individually. From, and to alone, and then adds them up together.

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