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Feedback Data from Thumbs Up/Down

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I was just reading up on the latest update that Jagex is going to push out, and was wondering about the data that they will be collecting during our game play sessions. What sort of impact will it have on Advertising other bots isn't allowed. or any other bot sites? Is this something new they came up when they hired a new bot busting moderator? 

Thoughts, opinions, concerns? 

Why is it only a thumbs up/down with no other information?

We capture a lot of information on your play sessions. We are able to see what you’ve interacted with. We're interested in using this to help us interpret the thumbs-up/thumbs-down data you provide us with, as we'll be able to see things like what content you engage with and for how long. As stated above, we’ll still remain as open and communicable as ever.

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