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Price Check Starter G Mauler!

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Hey guys, I wanted to make a g mauler, then I realized I am absolutely garbage at pking. I created this account by hand, no botting. Let me know how much you think it is worth (OSRS GP)! 

Stats are as follows. The account is intended to be 50 attack. I completed all attack quests except for underground pass (which gives 3k attack xp) so that the future owner could go that route if desired and get crystal bow.


I have completed the following quests:

Ernest The Chicken

The Restless Ghost

Vampire Slayer

Animal Magnetism (Ava's Accum)

Death Plateau

Dwarf Cannon

Fight Arena

Ghosts Ahoy

The Grand Tree

Mountain Daughter (Bear Head)

Priest in Peril

Tree Gnome Village

Waterfall Quest

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