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Dispute against BotManiac [Admission of Guilt]

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Disputed member: OSBOT BotManiac Sythe Kankerkoe

Thread Link: https://www.sythe.org/threads/kankerkoe-is-a-scammer/#post-29493912

Explanation: This is actually a cross-post, but I was informed I was allowed to make a dispute with off-site scammers by Maldesto.


I asked Kankerkoe for his OSBOT vouches because he told me he was trusted on here. 


I can verify that this truly is his account by the Discord he linked in this thread:




What happened in the trade:

I Ordered range training using MM2 Chinning method. Kankerkoe (aka BotManiac) started with a small batch of chins and everything went well. When he returned to the maze for trip 2 he stated that he couldn't get past the final agility step. He told me to change the password and I paid him for the range experience he had gotten (~200k xp).


He then contacted me back asking if I would like him to finish the job after I had been training agility. 


I took a picture of the bank and let him have at it. He was logged in for 4-5 hours before going offline. After the first hour and a half he requested that I get more chins. I happily got more and traded them to his main so he could deliver them straight to the chinning spot. He said all was going well and he stayed online for another 3 or so hours. I logged in to check the account before bed and I found myself at clanwars with a sickle(b) and a ring of dueling. The bank was cleaned, NMZ points were cleaned, and I found the grand exchange history to be suspect of botting. Imgur

Proof of admission:


Kankerkoe aka Botmaniac is now banned from Sythe for scamming 165m from me and another user. I believe he sold 150m of that stolen money on OSBOT using the same Discord. I am personally out 50m from this trade.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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