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Paying 10% of bot farm revenue for some information

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Hello guys,

Me and a friend made fully automated f2p farm (not on this boting client) (auto muling, acc replacing, acc creation) and at the moment we are running (only) 150 bots but we have one last problem (at the moment) in order to run our farm at max efficiency and worth expanding it to a really large scale.

Since we both got full time jobs  (botting is actually just a secondary income and a hobby) so we don't have that much time testing different things therefore we decided to pay 10% of botfarm revenue (on weekly basis) to someone who is willing to share some specific information which would significanty help us.

So lets jump to the problem...

When we run accounts 24/7 on fresh proxies (at the moment we are running 2 accs per proxy) they last for around 24 hours, after like 5 days fresh proxy gets "soft flagg" and accounts last only for 6 hours, after few days of "soft flagg" the "hard flagg" comes in the place and accounts are banned around 20-25 minutes after they finish tutorial.

If someone is willing to share his knewledge and actually help us get around this problem we will be paying him 10% of bot farm revenue. 

If you are willing to help us  add my skype: blaz.cater


Best regards,

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