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On linux sometimes script fail to perform actions


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So as the title says, I run linux VMs that each have 1cpu and 1.5GB RAM. After running for a bit the bot starts acting strangely. I am using a task based script and it will match the right conditions but won't execute the action properly. For example:


[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:26 PM]: Opening exchange bank
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:26 PM]: Open exchange bank.
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:32 PM]: PROG  I see 0 coins
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:34 PM]: Opening exchange bank
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:34 PM]: Open exchange bank.
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:48 PM]: Opening exchange bank
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:19:48 PM]: Open exchange bank.
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:20:01 PM]: Opening exchange bank
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:20:01 PM]: Open exchange bank.
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:20:02 PM]: Opening exchange bank
[INFO][Bot #1][02/13 03:20:02 PM]: Open exchange bank.


It fails to open the exchange bank multiple times and the one time it does it returns that there are 0 coins when in fact there are several hundred thousand.

And it isn't just opening the bank or counting coins, when it gets in this state it will spin it's wheels on every single action it tries to perform. I went so far as to use conditional sleeps for actions like

open bank ----> cond sleep till bank is open ---> do stuff

But it ignores everything and just matches the condition again and knows it is supposed to open the bank.

If I kill the java process and relaunch it works fine, for awhile. Any insight?

Sound drivers are installed on the system and sound is off on all the bots, so I don't think this is related to the memory leak issue that can happen on linux systems. 


Edit: No errors are being thrown.

Edit 2: There is plenty of free CPU and RAM on the system, so it isn't a lack of system resources.

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