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[S] Main with quest cape


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I am the original owner

I also have no idea about prices for accounts, really. Last time I sold an account was about 4 years ago, and that was a trade

Autowin: 240m / 230$ (£165)

Best offer: N/A

Looking for Paypal/equivalent value in OSGP (paypal preferred, I think i'm done with runescape, could do with some money towards a new CPU)

Game just isnt as fun once you start seeing GP as IRL money, havent really played in a long time just occasionally logged in and got bored after 5mins, logging out.

not sure if it makes a difference, account is an email address, but i never use it i just made it for this account, so i can give info for that too




Also has void mage helm, forgot to move it into photo

Idk total bank value, would take too many photos, maybe 5m ish? maybe a bit less or more (left some things in slayer tab, herbs, i think my kingdom has some stuff, blah blah)



Botted like 1-60 attack str and defence (or something like that, i really don't remember lol). The rest of the account, since the 2 day ban, is legit

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