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HerOrHim Scamming

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Explanation: Agreed to do the service for me. He logged into the account and about 10 minutes later he said he needed some staminas/super energys, i believe he was hoping for me to log into that account and do the bank pin and hopefully log in right after to try to get access to the bank. I traded him on another account and supplied him with around 37k in potions. He stated he would let me know when he is finished around 30 minutes later i log into my other account to see how he was doing and the account was logged off. I logged into the account and the potions were gone and the account was just sitting my the rogues den. Ive given him several hours to answer and still no reply. Don't know why he would try to scam me for 37k or unless he was hoping i would do the bank pin for him. I wouldn't be so suspicious, but he said he would get right on it and i was told rogue outfit takes 1-2 hours max.

Evidence:  47daec412a190ce686507fb1d980dbc4.png


I Don't care about the 37k in potions, im just glad i caught him attempting to scam before he was able to get his hands on some actual GP :D

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