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Mirror Mode Help

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Hey all,


Just a quickie for you veteran VIP botters - mirror mode isn't working for me and some help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

The details:

Mirror mode loads up fine, I get in game, and I can select which script to run from the available list. I hit start, and after 5-10s of doing nothing, my play/pause/stop/input buttons change as if the script has started running, yet I recieve no script GUI to tell the bot what I would like it to do. This happens on both the official OSRS client and OSBuddy. Stealth injection works fine for all scripts that I've tried this with, so I'm fairly sure it's mirror mode that's the problem.

Edit - The qualative, not the quantative: OSBot 2.4.162, nothing checke in Debug Options, in General breaks are enabled, and randomize bot/break time is checked. Preferred world type is F2P and dismiss all randoms is checked

Anyway, thanks in advance for the help, seems like a great community to get involved in.


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