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pc baby g mauler

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So im bored and decided to do a price check on my baby gmauler. It's not complete yet, theres still alot to do on it but here it goes. Has mith gloves and unholy book. 73 quest points. Every range lvl was trained with cannon. I'd like a price check in 07 gold thanks for any feedback!

50 atk (quested)

65 str

1 def

1 prayer

54 hp

70 range ( can cannon till 76 without gaining cb lvl)

75 magic

99 cooking

70 construction 


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thanks for the pc's guys! Thought it'd be worth a lil more with the 99 cooking (even tho its and easy and common 99). prolly gonna get it 99 fletching or fishing next and increase its combat from the 50's bracket to 60's bracket to increase the value. hopefully ill make it and be doing another pc sometime in the future =)

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