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Disputed member: [member=s k ii lz z]

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Explanation: The account i bought from him for 80M got locked. So i asked him to recover it and it seems like hes making up excuses. something seems shady, Doesnt even seem like he can recover it. He gave me the recovery information but i tried twice and got denied both times, i got the email saying i was denied within 2 min also. His thread said he was OO aswell.

Evidence: <HIDDEN>

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40 minutes ago, Jibbin said:

he got the account unlocked and the account is back in my possession. Curious as to why i couldn't recover the account on my own though...Is it because he gave me false recovery information?

Not necessarily, Jagex may also track the IP the recovery is sent from. An IP that is closer to that which created the account is more likely to succeed. Glad this could be resolved, closing it now.

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