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Avoid Impostors - ALWAYS Request a forum PM!

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I've been contacted recently about a higher than normal amount of people being duped by impostors.


I just want to stress to ALWAYS ask for a PM confirmation on the forums if you're speaking on Skype or Discord, even if you don't think you need to. No reputable user will deny doing so. Do so especially if the reputable user added you first.

I also highly suggest copy-pasting your conversation between each other to match up time-stamps and messages, to make sure you're actually speaking to the real person, and not a man in the middle.


There's nothing wrong with asking for forum confirmation and any of our trusted members in the market are happy to do it for you!




Below is an example of what to watch out for:

This is an impostor's skype.

Notice the old picture, wrong name and incorrect Skype id (if there is a "_1" or additional numbers at the end it may be a giveaway it's not the right person)

A user like this WILL most likely give you an excuse as to why he can't send you a pm on the forums, and try to convince you to trade anyways. (Because he's an impostor!)




This is Fratem's real skype.

Notice his Skype id matches his listed on his OSBot profile and the picture matches his current one. Those are some things to lookout for.

If this all matches up, a user like this wouldn't deny you a forum pm confirmation.

lCTZCPX.png V237Aoi.png


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