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newboygiftcards I have proof now, thanks.

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Yes, I'm so glad you made that topic about me giving you 'false feedback'

I couldn't find proof of your skype so I couldn't make the report.

This topic :


So the dispute,

I wanted to purchase 100m from this guy, sent him $95 via paypal friends & family.

As you can see here, he's tried to tell me the payment is pending.


But on the next post, you can see I sent him pictures, to 'prove' this. I told him i didn't believe its pending and he then went offline scamming me.


As this picture is the one i sent him via chat. proves i sent him the money, it processed, i even paid a fee for it.



Hope this gets this scum banned.


Yes I have NOW, opened a dispute. not 1 mintue after i sent the payment after he tried to say.

He left no proof and you believed him.

Disappointed to say the least.

Oh, also re-add that feedback you removed. x)

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