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Auto login occurring with no breaks enabled?

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I've been using the bot the exact same way for like 2 weeks using fruity nmz with one dream at a time and no breaks enabled. But for some reason today the bot is logging in and restarting the script when I haven't changed any of the settings to enable that. Here's some logs

[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 10:54:03 PM]: [DynamicSignature] Updated Signature
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 10:59:02 PM]: Started random solver : Auto Login
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 10:59:08 PM]: Random solver exited : Auto Login
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 10:59:12 PM]: Started random solver : Welcome Screen
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 10:59:15 PM]: Random solver exited : Welcome Screen
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 10:59:18 PM]: [DynamicSignature] Updated Signature
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:01:56 PM]: Terminating script FruityNMZ v2...
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:01:56 PM]: Script FruityNMZ v2 has exited!
[DEBUG][01/02 11:02:19 PM]: Loading script id : 698
[DEBUG][01/02 11:02:19 PM]: Loaded script!
[DEBUG][01/02 11:02:19 PM]: Launching script...
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:02:19 PM]: Loaded 4 built-in random solvers!
[INFO][01/02 11:02:20 PM]: Started script : FruityNMZ v2
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:02:22 PM]: [InventorySetup] Adding: Overload
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:02:22 PM]: [InventorySetup] Adding: Absorption
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:02:22 PM]: [InventorySetup] Adding: Granite maul
[INFO][Bot #1][01/02 11:02:22 PM]: [DreamExecutor] Setting Special Weapon: Granite maul

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