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Provide safer communication between Users

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Hello there OSBot Community, I just thought of a system i believe would make the market place a better and safer place to trade. By integrating a chat function on the forums, allowing the buyer and seller to communicate Via OSBot Forums.


How Does the Chat 'Function' Box work?

The chat box will be simple, basically how there is a messaging system on Facebook. You will be able to start a conversation with the user that has an overlay on the forums.

Why does this benefit anyone? Why not just use Skype?

It's simple, there is always going to be Skype imposters, or someone making 'Fake proof'. By adding a chat box this will keep all of your conversations in control of the OSBot staff. Providing users with a safer way to buy and sell.

What about MMs? Will they have to be in seperate chats?

As long as there is a possibility to create a 'Group Chat' you will most likely be able to all be in the same chat.


If you think this should be an update please share on this post, the more attraction this gets, the higher chance we have on getting this.

Please no negative comments, i will ask a moderator to remove.Feel free to ask more questions, if i need to elaborate further.

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