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Anyone know this guy?


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This is not a dispute or anything. I just want to know if the user is from OSBot or something.

Small Back story -> Dude added me on skype asking for graphics for his youtube channel. I accepted his offer, and told him I'll work on it within the next day or two. Dude said it's alright, and I started working on it. Fast forward couple days, the banner is finished, I gave him the finished product with my copyright logo (yeah l0l). Dude said it looks good, without saying anything else. I told him that'll be $10 and dude never responded back. However, he hasn't used the banner I gave him yet tho. It's been more than a month now, and I'm still waiting for the payment. It's my fault for not confirming where he is coming from. Since I assumed he was from here, since that's the only place I've advertised my GFX.

Conclusion: I want to know if someone knows his OSBot name, or something. Dude is not responding at all. 

His youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lackoftobac


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